Cherry Blossoms at High Park



Everyone in Toronto lives a fast life. That’s why I was caught off-guard by the amount of people taking a slow stroll through High Park mid-day today. I mean, I heard about the Cherry Blossoms trees blooming this this week, but I didn’t know it was such a rare occurrence. We must have saw at least a thousand people in the park, and it was barely 2pm on a Wednesday! I remember thinking to myself “Don’t these people have jobs!?” 

Clearly, there’s more to these trees than just pink flowers.



I did some quick research, and here’s what I found.

First of all, these “Cherry Blossom” trees are actually the Japanese SakuraThese particular Sakura  were planted in 1959, as a gift from the citizens of Tokyo, Japan. This was done as a gesture to commemorate Toronto’s involvement in housing Japanese-Canadians post WW2. Initially, two thousand Sakura were planted in the park. In the years to follow more trees would be planted, again as a gesture solidifying the bond between Japan and Canada.

 Anyway back to me…


I too have a job and probably should’ve been working on a Wednesday afternoon, but nah; here I am enjoying my day off in the park.

Let’s take a deeper look into why I was in the park. The trees are cool and everything but not cooler than me having icey-cold imported beers on my west end balcony. No, the real reason I was in the park today can all be attributed to Tamara, who also had a day off from work and convinced me to take her to see the Cherry Blossoms.

All she had to do was highlight the fact that I could probably get some super dope pics for the gram.


This is a photo I took of Tamara talking to her mom. This is actually a very common thing, not at all an example of us doing something different.  If you look closely at her smile you can almost hear her, and her mom laughing at my misfortune. 

Whatever makes her happy.


I don’t actually know what Tamara’s fascination with touching everything she sees as visually appealing, but I’m used to it and took this picture to illustrate this exact point.

We spent our time enjoying the scenery and discretely making fun of big dogs pulling their owners, and babies falling mid-run. We were asked to take a picture or two for the odd tourist every once and a while, but it was nice to help make a memory for a stranger.

I’ve noticed that people in Toronto love talking to strangers. Its ACTUALLY A THING.


I don’t really know how else I could possibly make walking around looking at trees sound anymore interesting, so here’s a slide show of some more photos from earlier today.




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